School values

At Churton School we have developed a set of values that we believe are at the heart of our community. Each term we have a focus. This is further developed each week with specific goals.

Term 1


Treating all people as we would like to be treated.

This includes staff, parents, visitors and members of community.

This includes ourselves.

  • We are listening to people as they speak.
  • We sit up at assemblies.
  • We make "I" statements.
  • We play fairly, each person gets a turn.
  • We care for one another.
  • We get to school on time.
  • We use manners such as Please and Thank-you.
  • We are learning to be a member of the class, school and community.
  • We stand quietly for the National Anthem.
Term 2


Pride in oneself, in others and our school.

Feeling good and getting satisfaction for what you do.

Have respect for yourself.Acknowledging who we are and where we are going is important.

Knowing you've done your best and being satisfied.

  • We wear our correct school uniform properly.
  • We sing the National anthem properly.
  • We show pride when we respect other peoples property.
  • We show pride when we keep the school tidy.
  • We show pride when we shake hands properly and make eye contact when receiving awards.
  • We show pride when our parents and our students are involved with the school.
  • We are show pride when supporting those that achieve success.
  • We show pride when we are part of the school, class, house and sports teams.
  • We work in a supportive, encouraging environment where we are affirmed for progress.

Term 3

Confident students

Students who are prepared to embrace new opportunities.

Never give up.

Have a positive attitude about things.

Be able to tackle new tasks.

Students who are willing to give it a go even though they may not initially have the skills for the task.

  • We Say, "I can do that"
  • We take assembly.
  • We are independent, self initiating, use our common sense.
  • We are able to do tasks that maybe a challenge.
  • We have the courage to participate.
  • We feel comfortable in our learning environment and therefore are prepared to try new ideas.
  • We take on new challenges.
  • We make new friends, having some problem solving and communication skills.
  • We are leaders in a variety of situations.
  • We accept help to learn.

Term 4

Life Long Learners

That the education at Churton School sets one up to deal with life.

Develop good values and live by them.

Willing to apply themselves to the future and beyond by using their skills the school has taught.

Take skills learnt into the real world (Ki Te Ao Hou)

  • Learning as Long as our life goes on.
  • We are able to complete work by ourselves.
  • We achieve at high levels of numeracy and literacy.
  • We behave appropriately.
  • We are discovering all the time.
  • We are discerning – choosing the right way.
  • We are problem solving.
  • We are reflecting on learning – making changes and setting our own goals.
  • We have a passion for learning. When as citizens of school are furthering our education -BoT, staff and students.

Churton School - 2014